All our jewelry is handmade in our Parisian workshop, which is located on the first floor of our shop, a couple of meters away from the famous Place Vendôme.The quality control is carried out by the expert Gemologist Valérie Danenberg as the production is made in France.

- WHAT IS THE MANUFACTURING  TIME? Your jewel will be designed and produced within 4 to 5 weeks (except for special orders ).

- CAN MY JEWEL  BE ENGRAVED?It can be done if the design allows it. All you have to do is send your chosen text to the following email address: v.danenberg@danenberg.com.

- HOW TO CHOOSE BETWEEN WHITE GOLD OR PLATINUM?All our jewelry is available in all three gold colors.Our white gold contains palladium which is stronger, whiter and less expensive than platinum. For more information on the quality of our gold Click here

- WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A CUSTOM-MADE RING?Custom-made jewelry offers the possibility to create a personalized piece of jewelry that is adapted to your wishes and budget. The estimate will be based upon the weight of the stones, gold and the workmanship . You will receive an estimate prior to your order.

- WHAT ARE THE TWO SMALL MARKS ENGRAVED ON THE BACK OF YOUR JEWEL ?Our jewelry is stamped. Since the 18th century, the French government stamps the state hallmark for the title of gold represented by an eagle's head for 18-carat gold on all jewels weighing over 3 grams . It is placed on the outside of the ring or jewel . Our own master jeweller stamp is also stamped next to it. Our seal is composed of our initials and of the Eiffel Tower as the central symbol.

SECURE PAYMENT: - WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT?Online:Online payment is secured by BNP Paribas (Visa, Mastercard and Diners). In the shop:We accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and Diners) as well as bank transfers.- IS ONLINE PURCHASING SECURE?All purchases on our website are secured by BNP Paribas.



We deliver in France and throughout Europe. 


It is totally free of charge.


Return are free of charge for France and the European Union.We are responsible for the return costs if the entire procedure described in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale is respected.

- CAN I PICK UP MY JEWEL IN YOUR SHOP?We will contact you as soon as your jewel is ready.You can come and pick it up at our shop from Tuesday to Saturday, between 11am and 7pm. 

-HOW LONG DOES THE DELIVERY TAKE? Generally the delivery takes up to 5 working days in France and Europe. However, it may take longer if our shippers encounter difficulties beyond our control.

- CAN I RECEIVE MY JEWEL EARLIER?In exceptional cases, we can process urgent deliveries for a fee depending on the shipper’s cost .To do so, we invite you to contact us by telephone : 00331 42 60 19 59.You can also send us an email : v.danenberg@danenberg.fr

- HOW TO PROCEED FOR A RETURN?Please contact us by email at the following address: v.danenberg@danenberg.fr or by telephone at +33142601959 .We will send you a shipping note.

- IS THE DELIVERY SECURE?We ship our jewels all insured for a declared value by post or Fedex. 



We will modify the size of your jewel once ,free of charge ,if you contact us within 30 days after reception. However, if the jewel has already been sent back previously for the same reason you will be charged.


We cut the metal in back with a laser in order to reduce it to the required size without any visible trace. To enlarge it, we do the same operation by adding the required amount of metal to increase the diameter of the ring. We have developed different techniques for « particular « sizing.These methods help adapt the ring  to all fingers. However, these techniques involve a cost that will be charged to you based on the weight of the gold added.


 The first special technique consists in welding two small gold balls inside the ring.They are suitable for people with a slight difference between the joint and the finger.This stabilizes the ring so that the stone remains on top of the finger instead of revolving randomly.



The second particular sizing technique consists in welding two small gold bridges inside the ring.They are suitable for people with a medium to large difference between the joint and the finger, especially in cases of arthritis . The size of the bridges will be adjusted according to the finger.The ring is therefore stabilized and the stone remains on top of the finger instead of revolving .This technique allows the ring to be threaded on the finger at an angle between the two bridges in order to reduce its rotation.



The third specific sizing technique consists in installing a spring, welded in the center inside the ring, allowing the edges of the spring wrap around the finger according to its shape.It is suitable for big rings and for people with a large to very large difference between the joint and the knuckle , especially in cases of arthritis . This technique allows the ring to be threaded by totally reducing the rotation of the wide ring, which, due to its weight, tends to revolve more. The size of the spring will be adapted according to the finger and will bring comfort to the customer.



The gold piece will be welded inside the ring, in the center, to reduce the size of the ring.It is suitable for  wide band rings .

- WHAT IF I NEED TO REPAIR MY JEWEL?:We strongly advise you to bring us your jewel every 1 or 2 years depending on the frequency you wear it. Indeed, it can suffer from involuntary shocks related to simple everyday actions.This will allow us to ensure that the prongs secure the stone and detect any other scratches. We will offer you professional ultrasonic cleaning in our workshop. You will also have the possibility to request a poli-rhodium plating or any other repair that will be an additional charge. We have created a "Rhodiage Polishing Package" valid for one year, at a price of 100 euros.This offer entitles you to two Rhodium Polishes per year, for two jewels of your choice (the price is usually of  150 euros).


For all orders, we offer a one-year warranty against defects and hidden defects. All our jewelry is designed and conceived by the designer and then manufactured in our Parisian workshop, under the expert eye of the designer, who carries out the quality control herself. It is preferable to visit us for any revision, after-sales service of your jewelry or in case of hidden defect or defect. Our gemologist will examine the jewel to detect if we are responsible .In this case the insurance against defect and hidden defect will be applied and we will take care of the repair as well as the return of your jewel.This warranty is valid for 1 year. Beyond this time, any hidden defects may not have persisted without being detected. A problem on your jewel several years after its purchase can only result from improper handling (shock, impact etc.). This guarantee cannot be applied to any jewel that has been the subject of any repair (sizing, etc.) carried out in a workshop other than that of the Maison VD.


In the event that your jewel needs to be repaired which is not due to a hidden defect or defect (an impact, a scratch, a delay in sizing, polishing, a rhodium plating, etc.) it will be charged according to an estimate established by our workshops. We invite you to contact us and we will inform you of the procedure. Upon receipt, our gemologist will carry out an expert appraisal and make an estimate with our workshop in order to establish the cost of the repair . Once the quotation has been accepted , our workshop will repair your jewel and it will be returned to you as soon as possible.